On top of my refrigerator there sits a philodendron, which, since I am short, I seldom see and even more seldom, water. The other day, I looked up and really saw it. The leaves were curled up and turning brown. “It’s going to die!” I said to myself, “unless I water it right away.” I couldn’t reach it with the watering can, so I pulled it down, put it in the sink, and turned on the water. It was a last ditch resuscitation effort.

Gratitude is the Key

It was a cool, spring day at the Albuquerque, NM zoo, a park-like zoo with enclosures for the animals as natural as can be achieved by human beings. The chimpanzees, however, were crowded together in a cave-like structure while their new home was being constructed.


Since I am almost 89, I am one of the “vulnerable” ones, but I don’t feel vulnerable. I feel protected. Why?

Home Is in the Heart

Since my last post, I have been singing “Morning Has Broken” every day, and truly, no matter what the time, it makes the sun rise for me. The singing doesn’t have to be perfect. It only needs to come from the heart. The saying should not be “Home is where the heart is”, but “The Heart is where Home is”.

The Morning Sings

This morning, the first morning of 2020, as I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window to the apartment building next door, Cat Stevens’ beloved song, “Morning Has Broken” suddenly started playing in my mind. I have not heard that song for many years, but all of sudden, there it was –

Your Life Is the Way

It had to be done just so – the frame for my new Name, “Entering on the Path of Energy”, written for me in beautiful Japanese calligraphy by an aikido master. “Do-Ro-Chi,” he had written in rapidly flowing characters, laughing as he finished and handed it to me with a flourish.

Mc2 and InnerSpace

Mc2 and Inner Space Our cells are hungry for mc2, matter vibrating at the square of the speed of light. From birth until the end of life, we are searching for mc2 through food, drugs, yoga, meditation, sports, TV, knowledge, all feeding our endless hunger for more mc2. Notice that, besides eating some delectable food, …

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A Giraffe’s Eye View

Oakland, California July 8, 2019 Warm and sunny A Giraffe’s Eye View On the morning of July 4, I was standing on a corner in Piedmont, watching the yearly ritual of the Fourth of July parade go by. The beautifully restored, old cars were just turning onto the main street, when a small, antique Volkswagon …

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Too Many Habits?

Open Windows: Living with Energy, Meaning and Purpose Oakland, California Cool and Sunny, November 29, 2017 The way we live opens windows and calls in a secret voice to anything still missing.” Too Many Habits? “I have too many habits!” said my friend as we drove to a practice group meeting for people learning to …

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Leaning Toward The Light

Yesterday at noon, as I was walking to Trader Joe’s to buy groceries, I noticed that the oxalis was blooming in the apartment buildings’ front gardens. Their bright yellow faces were standing straight up on their tender, green stalks. Later in the afternoon, when I was again walking down the street, I noticed that they …

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Humming Giraffes

“Someone discovered the giraffe hums at a harmonic rate of 92 Hertz, voice thrumming the tower of spine and trachea once thought to be silent….” ”Ode to This Small Joy”- Maria Calabretta Cancio-Bello After reviewing almost 1000 hours of sound recordings in three European zoos, Angela Stöger at the University of Vienna, Austria…   picked up a weird …

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