The Big Smile

When my first grandchild was born, his survival was not certain. He spent many weeks between worlds in the neo-natal care unit of the hospital before he was released to the care of his parents. When I met him he was already wide-awake and conscious. As his mother held him in her arms, our eyes met. His eyes suddenly filled with light and he smiled with what I can only describe as a smile of recognition. “Oh, there you are,” he seemed to say. “I’m so happy to see you!” It was as if he and I were old friends greeting each other after a long separation.

That smile has been with me for twenty-two years, a reflection of the Big Smile that is waiting for us for us when we enter the land of “no limitations”. Because of the purity and beauty of that smile, I have no doubt that God is smiling, even laughing at us because we are so adorable.

Don’t we laugh when the little child runs in the wrong direction? When he falls down while he is trying to pick something up? When he misses his mouth and puts food on his chin? And don’t we ourselves make misjudgments all the time, just like a small child? Why be impatient with ourselves and others? These mistakes are all baby steps. Sometimes the child has to be corrected right away – a baby with an AK15 is a menace, but he is still a baby.

My grandson arrived from “over there” with a beautiful smile, which he gave to me. If a simple smile can have such a powerful effect, why don’t we all smile? Our eyes can give the message even if we are wearing a mask. Feel how turning up the corners of your mouth also turns up the corners of your heart.

With love and a smile,


p.s. “The Healer’s Way: An Inner Guide to Energy Medicine” by my mentor, Rahul Star Patel, is finished and will shortly be available for purchase. I will send out a special edition of Open Windows when we have real books on hand!

For pithy quotations by Rahul Patel, please visit his Facebook page.

What I am reading: “Becoming Quan Yin: The Evolution of Compassion” by Stephen Levine

6 thoughts on “The Big Smile”

    1. OMG that Smile, radiates down to your Toes!!! If is so sweet and innocent and pure!! Thank you for that. I received Rahul’s book. And I love it. According to the preface it appears and sounds like it is Rahuls words.!!! And I see mention of Bernie and lining his Angel pin on Rahul. That is when I met Rahul. I took that picture and gave him the negative and picture . I would love getting it forward to me, so I can put it into the beautiful book you sent to me. Also I was there with Rahul when he got Larry’s endorsment. That’s who I got the basic of my story in Rahul’s little book and why I fought for Rahul to get back HIS book from those so called friends. I Also took a picture that day if you have it. You know how Rahul was he had to be in control, so I don’t have them and it would make my book that much more memorable. Bernie and Larry and Neil I was there for all three. I miss him and his influence on me and my family so much. He was tough love ? As you and I know well. I Bur that was Rahul !!! It’s easy reading. But I’m taking it in slow. I will get back to if. Been having some serious health. Love you. And thank you for every thing, you’ve done and hope you can find or can copy what you have for me. Dorothy we can be PROUD OF THE MAN we had. a Big part in the making. Happy New Year and stay blessed and Safe. Love Honey

  1. Thank you for reminding us to smile often as well as reminding us of the freshness of how we first arrived here, pure. Open, new from the “ Heaven worlds”.
    And the joy of little precious children! Love it!

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