I have from childhood had a strong attraction to the spiritual, which has remained through college, marriage and family, career, post-career studies in Ayurveda, and now through studies in the Mystical Principles of Healing with Thomas Hubl, https://www.innerscience.info/en.

As my mentor said, “Faith is absolute. When all else is gone, faith remains.” At age 86, I can say with certainty that this is true.

I have morphed through a career as a social worker in Children’s Protective Services for Los Angeles County, then as a student and teacher of Ayurveda (the East Indian traditional medical system) at The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM http://ayurveda.com , then as assistant to Rahul Patel, spiritual healer and teacher.

Currently, I am writing a book about my experiences during my eight years as Rahul Patel’s assistant and publishing a monthly blog, Open Windows.

My focus is to help women who want and are ready for change, to use their daily lives to evolve spiritually and materially. I bring insights from my experience, meditation and spiritual training to my work.

“The Way We live Opens Windows and calls in a secret voice to anything still missing.”Hafiz

This is what I believe. Our daily lives are the key to our spiritual evolution. If we live with the Sacred according to principles of integrity, kindness and compassion, doors open which we do not dream of.

I live in Oakland, CA, I have four adult children, love music, and practice kyudo, Japanese archery, which is a physical meditation. Although I am not an activist, I am a member of ACLU, Our Revolution, and the International Rescue Committee, to which I will donate any profits from my work.

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