Your Inner Capitol Building

January 28, 2021
Oakland, CA
Cold and rainy

Let’s all take a few deep breaths of relief. Whew! It was a close call on January 6. But let’s also not forget that the happiness of “deliverance from evil” is not necessarily permanent. Deliverance from evil is something that must happen every day. Neither evil nor deliverance from evil are permanent conditions.

In spite of all the outflux and influx, there is something which doesn’t change and that is our own internal Capitol Building, our Heart, the inner essence of our being, which it is our utmost responsibility to protect. It is in our Heart that we feel the burning presence of the Divine, our “soul sense”. It doesn’t change, but it can be lost.

At one point during the proceedings on January 20, Nancy Pelosi was walking alone with a journalist in the Capitol Rotunda. You could hear the reverence in her voice, her sense of the sacredness of the whole building. “Abraham Lincoln’s desk was right over here,” and she gestured toward a spot near the wall. When she said, “Abraham Lincoln sat there!” it was with deepest devotion as if she had said, “Jesus sat there.”

With that simple sentence, Nancy Pelosi showed me what it means to love our country, to reverence the ideals toward which it struggles, to venerate the great ones who have moved us forward, to dedicate our life to the service of something beyond what we experience on a daily basis, a force which is slowly moving us toward a world in which everyone is happy, healthy, has opportunity to realize their dreams, and where no one suffers.

Nancy also showed me how little I valued my own internal Capitol Building, my own essence, how easily I let the doors be breached, the windows broken. How cavalierly I let others trespass on the dignity of my heart. Certain great teachers have moved to help me fortify the citadel, but it took Nancy Pelosi to show me what venerating your inner essence, your spiritual Heart, really means.

We don’t have to use barbed wire to protect our Heart. In later issues I will talk about how we can protect our inner Capitol Building with softer measures!

With love and devotion to our essential Home,


What I’m Reading: “The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy” by Greg Braden

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