What is Love?

June 3, 2020
Oakland, CA
Sunny and hot

I have a friend who has a small, green parakeet, whose name is “M” for M & M’s because M and M’s are sweet. My friend has figured out exactly what “M” likes and has arranged her house accordingly. “M” can come and go out of her cage as she likes, but to make it easy for her to get back in when she is out, my friend has made a little ladder, with rungs exactly the size to accommodate “M’s” tiny feet, which “M” climbs to enter her house. She doesn’t have to climb the ladder to eat, though, because my friend will hold a bowl of bird food for her while she perches on my friend’s shoulder. When she is happy, ”M” talks to my friend is soft chirps.

My friend knows that birds like to splash water on themselves, so she has made a perch in the shower. When she takes a shower, “M” can join her and play in the spray. When the water is turned off, she can preen and clean her green feathers properly, like any self-respecting wild bird.

My friend has figured out exactly what “M” likes and has gone to some trouble to provide it for her, including doing additional cleaning she would not have to do if she kept “M” locked in the cage. Why?

When I see this degree of care, I realize that I am looking at Love. How else can you explain this? My friend intuits what will make her bird happy and does it for her. She doesn’t give a thought to inconvenience for herself. In fact, doing things for her darling “M” brings her happiness. What might be regarded as inconvenience for someone who doesn’t love, makes my friend happy.

So – to be happy, Give with Love.

Your friend,

PS: I am preparing a book written by my mentor, Rahul Patel, for self-publication. The title is “The Healer’s Way: An Inner Guide to Energy Healing”. Some of you may like it. I will let you know when it becomes available.

Kindly visit the Facebook page of my mentor, Rahul Starr Patel.
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Animals as Teachers and Healers: True Stories and Reflections, by Susan Chernak McElroy

1 thought on “What is Love?”

  1. I was thinking about this topic this morning. I was sorting the medications and supplements that my spouse and I take into little cups for our morning doses. Of course, somethings are individual, but many of the supplements are ones that we both take.
    One of the double dose sets of pills jumped out of my fingers. I caught one of them but the other hit the floor and skittered away. I had to find a flashlight and shine a beam across the floor to find it under a chair. I put the undropped pill into my spouses’ container and the floor pill into mine. I thought, “They would never know which was which. You could have given the floor pill to them. What’s going on?”
    I knew that answer, “That’s love.”

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