The Navajo Rug

January 18, 2022
Oakland, CA
Cool and overcast

When I was living in New Mexico, I purchased a Navajo rug. It was the weaver’s first rug and a picture of the young Native American woman standing proudly beside her rug was included. It was entirely handmade. Even the dyes had been obtained from native plants, the yarns from local sheep.  It was a Crystal rug, which means that the pattern was horizontally striped, symbolic of nature, the soft colors and wavy lines suggesting a flowing stream. Although it is made of many different strands and uses ten different colors,  they all merge seamlessly into one beautiful rug.

The Navajo weaver creates a pattern in which every part is necessary for the beauty of the whole. Similarly, the Cosmic Weaver is weaving the carpet of humanity into one gigantic tapestry. The pattern is huge, encompassing the whole earth. We cannot see it all at once, but, like the Navajo rug, every thread is important.  Every color and culture has its place. Every element in the design is significant, individual, yet unified in the one richly textured whole of humanity. If even one thread is not there, there will be a tear in the fabric and the tapestry will not be complete. If that happens, the Weaver may unravel the whole carpet and start over! That has already happened a few times in earth history.

I have recently learned of two beautiful, promising young men who have chosen to take their own lives, leaving behind unending sorrow in the hearts of their parents. Those two threads are no longer available for the Weaver to use.  We don’t know what led to their decision to leave this world, but they have left a tear in the fabric of life which no one else can fill.

Each strand has its purpose, which might not appear until late in life. What happens when the time comes for the Weaver to add that color, reaches for the thread and the thread is not there? 

May the carpet of your life be complete. Love and blessings for 2022,

Looking UP,

Dorothy Deviani

What I am reading: “Masters of the Living Energy: the Mystical World of the the Q’ero of Peru” by Joan Parisi Wilcox. Mrs. Wilcox has followed the training of energy healers of Peru and in this book reveals, not only their understanding of the world, but also their practices. 

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