The Sun That Never Sets

April 24, 2022
Oakland, CA
Cool and sunny

I am walking slowly home from the beach in Santa Cruz, California, feeling, warm, relaxed and peaceful, the sound of the waves having obliterated the usual thoughts that besiege my mind. The sun, setting behind me in the west, is casting my shadow in front of me. As my eyes see the shadow, the engine of my mind starts to wind up, at first with just a stray thought or two – “I had better check my bank balance when I get home”, “I’ll have to do the dishes I left in the sink before I can fix dinner”, “I haven’t spoken to my granddaughter in weeks. I had better call tonight.”

Then, still seeing my shadow, “The neighbor is complaining about the back fence. It is her fence, too. Why should I have to fix it?” and, “The City is making unreasonable demands about my driveway and I can’t afford to repave it. What should I do?” By the time I reach home, I will have completely lost the calm and joy I was experiencing when I started out!

I turn around and look back toward the beach. The sun is now in front of me, and my shadow behind. Looking up, I see the deep rose and gold of the approaching sunset, the foam dancing on the waves, the children shrieking with excitement as they run into the cold water, colorful tents and beach towels being dismantled. My worries and complaints fade as I face, not my shadow, but the sun, with gratitude for the beauty of the world and the joy of life.

We do not have to be at the ocean to face the sun. There is a sun in our heart which neither rises nor sets and radiates love. If we gaze at that sun instead of at our shadow, the solutions to our problems will come naturally. We will see that our fear will not solve our dilemmas. The solutions come from that eternal sun.

Looking at the Sun,
Dorothy Deviani

What I have been reading: “A Brief Welcome to the Universe, a Pocket-Sized Tour”, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Michael A. Strauss, and J. Richard Gott. Even if it doesn’t help you understand astrophysics, it does impress you with the vastness of the universe!

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