A Harmony of Opposites

December 17, 2021
Oakland, CA
Sunny and cold

I almost wrote the title as “Harmony of Angels”, and perhaps I should have because when we have harmony with each other, old and young, rich and poor, white and everything else, we are angels. We are participating in the love, generosity and also the power of the higher level of consciousness.

“What is man that Thou art mindful of him? Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels.” How come the poet, John Donne, knew that and we don’t know it? Has our sub-angelic nature been completely obscured by semi-automatic gadgetry, not to mention semi-automatic weapons?

Yesterday, while walking along Lakeshore Avenue in my neighborhood, I saw painted on the sidewalk the words “ONLY REVOLUTION!’ “Correct!” I thought. Only a revolution will help us, but not a violent revolution with guns, but a revolution of the heart, a quiet penetration of new perspectives into the global community, a rising above ridicule and rejection for those who think differently from us, to a willingness to see the anger, fear, and, yes, desperation, taking the place of rational communication, along with the cynicism and hypocracy of people in high places.

Instead of writing on sidewalks and buying a gun, I am focusing on the sphere of light shining irrevocably the next level of consciousness up. That is the light that will reveal what we must do about the murky bog in which we find ourselves. Remember, a peat bog is fuel. Burning fuel gives heat and light. We will access higher levels of consciousness, but we may have to burn the whole bog before we can rise as humanity to our angelic birthright.

Dorothy Deviani

What I am reading: “Talking With Angels” by Gitta Mallasz is still my go-to book for how to conduct ourselves in dark times, or any time. Available on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “A Harmony of Opposites”

  1. It would be good to see this in print. Please submit to the editorial section of publications. We are the light. We are the love. We have only lost sight of it. The way you presented this is the perfect reminder.

  2. What I know
    Is we are run by our programs.
    Theyhavebeen created by many lifetimes, powerfulexperences etc.that we learned in the past. Anchient mind!! This is why we act as we do. Every time I look at another person and see their pattern of behavior or belief, I remember they are just acting out of their program.

  3. Well said dear friend 👍🏼 🙏💜 thank you!
    I imagine all of us shining our light in the midst, connecting in harmony ~

  4. Dorothy, you always strike the candle and bring the possibility to transform darkness to light in your monthly OPEN WINDOWS ! Always a GIFT to all of us! Thank you!
    What a world it would be if we all transformed the dark, the negative, the anger, into fuel to burn and make LIGHT…the light to consciousness and healing!
    Our own heart, the real organ, does this every moment! It takes the dirty blood and turns it into good oxygenated blood to give to every cell in the body without judgment or prejudice. We can take the negativity around us, and instead of reacting, use it as fuel to transform the dark energy to healing LIGHT. Christmas is the season and birth of NEW LIGHT coming in the darkness.
    Merry Christmas , Dorothy The visual of a butterfly in LIGHT is superb! Patricia

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