Your Life is the Way

It had to be done just so – the frame for my new Name, “Entering on the Path of Energy”, written for me in beautiful Japanese calligraphy by an aikido master. “Do-Ro-Chi,” he had written in rapidly flowing characters, laughing as he finished and handed it to me with a flourish.

With a few light strokes, he had changed my name from “Dorothy, Gift of God,” a rather solid package delivered to my parents, to “Entering on the Path of Energy”, a light, ephemeral being, always entering, never arriving at the end of the Path.

Of course, this gift had to be suitably framed. The next day, I took it to a framing shop. Because the paper was an odd size, the backing had to be specially cut to fit. I watched intently as the young assistant carefully cut backing material. She was cutting slowly with no hesitation, her eyes completely focused on her work, her whole body paying attention. She did not stop to make sure her work was correct, but seamlessly continued cutting, her eyes following every move of the blade she was using.

She was “Here”, as in “Here and Now”. And I understood that I had not only received a new name, but I had also received a lesson in the meaning of the name, ”Entering on the Path of Energy.” This young lady had shown me the entrance by investing herself totally in the work at hand.

As I enter into the New Year of 2020, I feel that I am passing through a gateway into a world of ever-expanding Energy and that the key to the gate is my own capacity to throw myself into what I am doing, body and soul. I invite you to join me.

Happy New Year!


Recommended Reading: “The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be” – Mark Nepo

New Website for my mentor, the late Rahul Starr Patel, coming soon.

10 thoughts on “Your Life Is the Way”

    1. Hi, Shanta, Your anusthan starts tomorrow, so I shall try to participate with the utmost Presence. Thank you and Archangel Gabriel so much for this opportunity to shine light into the world! With love and blessings, Do-Ro-Chi.

  1. Mariana von Bergen

    Dear Dorothy and Do-ro-chi,
    So happy of reading your experience .
    I feel sinchronically aligned and resonating with you.
    In the last months I have felt minute to minute completely focused and present in millions of actions that were required in the selling of our house and move into a new apartment. A radical change in a multi perspective level. You well know it is not the house selling only, right? It felt like eating an elephant with a spoon after a spoon, where the next movement that emerged was only revealed in the present moment.
    I would love to engage in a chat to catch up with you whenever we have some time. A big kiss and all my love to you
    Mariana von Bergen ( your Hubl sangha friend)

  2. Dorothy,

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. You had written me a nice message a couple months ago. All is well here and Reiki has been picking up. I think it’s finally ringing some bells in this area of rural midwest and people are becoming aware. It’s about time! lol. I love to see how people react once they realize there is more to us than this physical shell!

    As for your “entering the path of energy”, I honestly feel you have been on that for a LONG TIME and are way advanced. “Entering” should be changed to “the long journey on” the path of energy. One long strange trip it’s been, eh??

    I still think of Rahul often and the effect he had on my life. I think he was used by God to touch people’s lives but he was also human. I always keep the good memories in my heart and am very blessed and thankful to know you both. I wish you a beautiful holiday season Dorothy. You are a sweet lady. Keep on your energy path.

    blessings and love,
    Julie Romanko

    1. Hi, Julie, Many thanks for your kind words. I always feel like a newbie. I don’t know anything and am always peeking through the door. But I can appreciate what others have accomplished and regard them with love and admiration, like you. We have our secret about Rahul, but no one can deny that he influenced and showed the way to many people, me included. I am grateful. With love, Do-ro-chi.

  3. What a beautiful life lesson about presence! It also occurred to me that the framer may have been, like an athlete or a performer, “in the zone” where the doer, the doing and what’s done merge into an effortless flow. Thanks for this inspirational story!

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