“The Barn”, high in the Oakland, CA hills is a home for horses like no other. It is perched between two vistas, Oakland and San Francisco Bay to the west and the coastal mountains and Mt. Diablo State Park to the east. It is spring in California, and after the rains, the hills are vibrantly green, camellias and magnolias are in full bloom, and the scent of growing things is in the air.

Yesterday, I went to the Barn with my son and granddaughter and walked along the road encircling one of the stables. Hoofprints were filled with water from the recent rain, but the most notable impression I had was the Silence. Horses and people moved slowly, quietly, the voices hushed, greetings friendly but muted, as if the Silence in the air had removed everyone to another realm. I felt removed myself, high above the city noise.
Slowly, my shoulders loosened and a blessed relaxation filtered through my body down to the toes. I found I was naturally taking deep breaths and a feeling of peace spread from my heart throughout my body.

Such is the effect of a simple walk in nature.

We may not all have access to such places of natural beauty, but somewhere, not too far away, is a place where nature can talk to you and give you Earth’s healing energy. You may have to drive a distance to find it, but the healing you will experience in the environment of Silence, is worth the trip.
So, don’t let anything hold you back. Go! Your effort to be with Nature is your contribution to the sanity of the world.

Looking Up,

PS: I invite you to visit the Facebook page of my mentor, Rahul “Star” Patel, https://www.facebook.com/rahulpatelauthorteacherhealer

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