To my dear Readers: I apologize for this long hiatus between issues of Open Windows. This period of rest and recovery is coming to an end, and I am feeling the spur to get back to writing.

A few weeks ago, I was driving with my son, Jerry, across Marin County, on the opposite side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

Jerry had the car radio turned on to NPR, and a woman was talking about health care. The moment we were passing by Kaiser-Permanente hospital, the voice on the radio said, “Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center. WOW! How did that happen? “Did you hear that?” I said to Jerry. Yes, he had heard it, seen it, too.
How was it that a voice speaking on the radio from San Francisco, spoke the words at exactly the same time we were passing the building in Marin County? My mind stopped its usual churning, face-to-face with what it couldn’t know, looking at a wall of nothing.
Since then, I have become aware of many Wow! coincidences, more aptly called “synchronicities”, that is, related events occurring simultaneously, with no direction or planning on my part.
I finally put these unexplainable events down to the activity of the Lone Arranger, my friend Ron’s ( term for the Presence pervading the universe, which is always trying to bring us to the borders of Mystery.
It is in looking at what has no explanation that our mind stops and we briefly see the Space that surrounds us with a sense of wonder. Let us cultivate that sense of wonder and live with the “Wow!” of life.

Looking up,

3 thoughts on “Living with the Wow!”

  1. Elizabeth Smith

    What an amazing revelation! While what you describe seems so elementary, upon reflection it does open awindow to another dimension. Thank you for this wonderful opening as I begin my day.

  2. Talk about synchronicity— just last night you popped into my mind and I thought how it’s been a while since I have seen one of your postings. I wondered if you were on the road to recovery. I said a little prayer and sent it on it’s way. Presto, there you are today in my inbox. Nice to hear from you Dorothy. Keep up the good work and the synchronicities.

  3. Thanks, Dorothy! I love the term “Lone Arranger! Of course Wow moments are sometimes pure coincidence and sometimes not. But the interesting thing is that we can never really know. Did the Lone Arranger just send me a message? Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t answer questions about its messages (at least not directly). Or did one of those one-in-a-thousand moments just occur? Despite the fact that some people claim there are no coincidences, there really are coincidences. So we can’t know for sure; it’s just part of being in The Mystery of Life. But that just makes things more interesting. Since we can never know, we listen to Wow moments even more closely, living more open to the whispers of life. Thanks!

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