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June 2018
Sunny, but cool

Yesterday evening a small, wiry Hispanic gentleman came to my hospital room to take a blood sample. He may have been small, but he walked with an energetic step and his eyes flashed with enthusiasm.
“I love my work”, he said, as he readied my arm for the needle while I looked nervously away,
“I have found my gift – taking blood. I can always find a vein. I never cause pain.”
By this time he had drawn the blood without my feeling anything.
“I tried many things before this, but nothing satisfied me. Now I am happy because I have found my gift.”

Not only was he happy, but he carried an aura of happiness around him.  How many people that evening received an injection of joy medicine because this unassuming man had recognized and practiced his special gift?

Our special gift is that skill or quality which is easy for us. It is not that hard thing someone else does very well. It is this simple thing, this easy thing we can do naturally. This is our wish-fulfilling gem. It makes only one demand – do it!

Keep looking up!




3 thoughts on “Find your Wish-Fulfilling Gem”

  1. Hi Dorothy
    So enjoyed your post. Best wishes for your full recovery.
    Love — Johanna
    Your once triad partner

  2. Patricia Micciche

    Dear Dorothy….Always finding the GEMS from the hard places in life, and sharing them with us all! Vibrant joy and healing shine always on you!

  3. Hi Dorothy, This is Faith Darling–I’m on your mailing list because I found your Clipper card on the bus a few months ago after we talked. I love getting your uplifting messages! This one is especially beautiful.
    I hope whatever has driven you to be in the hospital has been cleared up in the 2 1/2 months since you sent this out. Whether that’s true or not, I appreciate your positive attitude about all the things that come up for us in life, and I love hearing from you. Thank you for brightening my day.
    Best wishes to you, Faith

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