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May 2018
Oakland, CA

The Way we live opens windows….” – Hafiz

Hang On to the Threads

We may carefully construct our morning routines, and it may work well for getting our days started on the right track. But what happens when through some accident or emergency, we are unable to take even the first step? Forget it?

On March 18th, I tripped on the back steps and fractured my ankle. Two weeks later, my right leg in a cast, I tripped over my knee scooter and broke my left shoulder.

Now I am in a rehabilitation facility in Oakland, and in a hospital, you fit into their routine. They do not fit into yours.

So what happens to your morning routines?

What I am doing is rescuing those pieces of my morning routine that I can hang on to. A prayer here, a breathing practice there, a few pages read in between. Two principles I am finding essential to keep my routine: (1) gratitude for the love of God expressed every day through family, friends, and the people who work here, and (2) remembrance of the admonition of Rumi, “Don’t go back to sleep.” This is the most challenging for me!

Until next month, with blessings to you all. Honor your mothers, and remember to hang on to your morning routine, even if you can only do a remnant. Every piece of your routine carries the intention of the whole.

Looking up!



6 thoughts on “Hang On to the Threads”

  1. You are an amazing spirit. Having recently recovered from a broken wrist I am so sorry you have such a burden of recovery. This too will pass! You are still the beautiful person you always were and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know. Are you still in the rehab facility?

  2. Hi Dorothy,
    As usual, you have crafted an inspirational message from the depths of daily life! Thanks. Please take better care of yourself, we need you.
    Love, Ed Symmes

  3. Hi Dorothy – Pete Halle here, and at times barely. I’m in cardiac rehab (but doing sort of ok), Ann Nicholas is in almost total body rehab – about 5 months ago her hip broke/failed and she’s had no use of her legs since. Bob Solosth (Janet Fleger’s husband) fell off their entrance to the house steps (St George UT), broke 3 ribs, serious upper body abrasions, and a nasty persistent concussion. All these events seriously effecting “morning routines”. But you are right, one still needs to push on. My Ann broke her ankle also, near the top of the San Francisco Peaks. Lots of faith needed by all on all counts.

    Love, Pete

  4. Stephanie Cohen

    Hi Dorothy,

    I did see the prayer request, however I was having a rough time of it and was unable to communicate with you until now, as my adrenals crashed again, due to infrequent testing while lowering my replacement cortisol. We have a new protocol in place now to hopefully avoid a future similar event. I’m not sure how my body could do it again.
    The good news is that finally my tests are finally in normal range, which means my adrenals are finally not overworking 24/7 as they have been for months, and can at last begin to rest and recover. And I’m beginning to very slowly lower the high dose of cortisol I had to take with frequent testing.

    I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this, and as we know, it all can serve a useful purpose, for one thing learning to accept what is, with gratefulness, as you said, which has been one of my practices, and sometimes challenges and therefore opportunities!

    And my morning routine is a precious to me as well, which I’ve even added onto and adapted with my needs. In fact my whole day, well revolves around active self care with therapies and food prep, and rest, rest, rest. ( I was not getting sufficient sleep for months which exacerbated my condition, and going to bed so early. now getting better sleep, yay!)

    I’m very pleased with how well I’ve been caring for my self/body, with diet, rest, etc, and I’ve had such good help and support from Enid and Ed, other friends and a lot from a man I met named John a month or so before it occurred. He’s been amazing.

    I hope you’ve had good recovery so far. Can you get some homeopathic Symphytum for bone healing? You could prob order it online from vitacost.

    Time for bed!

    Much love,

  5. Dolores M Madden

    Oh Dorothy, I’m so sorry to hear you were injured twice. Are you home now? How are you recovering? Can I do anything to help? Do you need food or meals?
    Your latest blog entry made me aware of how often I give up my morning walk and meditation when something comes up or distracts me. I see how I just bend over to everything and everyone else’s agenda. I am aware now of how at one time when I was young, this behavior was necessary for me to avoid adverse reactions by those around me. I had to stay out of the way. So my current behavior is a pattern that does not serve me well and is no longer necessary.

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