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Gujarat, India
February, 2018

“The way we live opens windows …..”

“Float, don’t swim” – Rahul Patel

Today I woke up without the slightest idea of what I “should” do. Yes, I had a list on my calendar, but, since January 1, I have given up having a set program. I make a list, but I have given up the idea that I have to do everything on that list.

“But if you don’t have to do everything on your calendar, what do you do?” you ask.  Excellent question. I didn’t know. I was drifting about, wondering where to start.

Then came an inner answer: “Follow the regular routine you do every morning. Don’t deviate!” My regular morning routine includes meditation and writing, so, Hooray! Even if I do nothing else all day, those two practices are done. i have hung my day’s activities on a reliable hook.

But after that, what?  Shouldn’t I be launching myself into the day’s list, or perhaps planning some new project? Again, my inner guidance whispered, “Keep moving. Don’t stop!”

So I stood up and started moving from room to room, taking care of whatever I saw needed to be attended to in each room, ending with the computer and writing this essay.  At the end of the day there was no column of neat check marks marking what I had accomplished. Instead, I had only two rules to follow: 1) Don’t deviate from your morning routine, and 2) keep moving.

There was no sense of pressure or obligation, yet everything that needed to be done was done. Instead of swimming frantically through the day, I was floating. Is this what is called “flow”?

Looking Up,


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I invite you to visit the Facebook page of my mentor, Rahul Patel 


2 thoughts on “What is the Next Step?”

  1. Patricia Micciche

    Dorothy, I think you have come to the supreme enlightenment ! Floating! But without giving up responsibility to ourselves and others. And able to SHARE the way with others. God bless you, Dorothy! Are you INDIA, dear friend? the ancient ground of enlightenment and birth place of Buddha and Rahul. May every moment be savored and may you have time for “play”. Sending love…Patricia

    1. Hi, Patricia,
      Your enthusiastic comments are such a boost! However, I also appreciate constructive criticism, so if you find anything amiss, don’t hesitate to say so!
      Hope you are well. I was in India, but I am home now, and gradually re-entering my life. The ashram in India was wonderful. I had my own meditation room looking out over the Narmada River. I could watch the sun rise over the river every morning if I made it down there in time.
      Happy Valentine’s Day!
      Love, Dorothy

      PS: To see where I was, go to DYC.org. There is a picture of the temple there.

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