Last month I talked about growing new leaves on our Soul-tree. But growing new leaves isn’t always easy, and sometimes our painstakingly tended branches may be clipped off our tree by unforeseen events. The Divine Gardener may have a different plan about how our Soul-tree will flourish.

Bonsai with flowersOften we do not see the great Pruning Shears in the Sky coming. Our secure job may suddenly be eliminated, our spouse may decide that he or she will be happier with someone else, a new technology may come along which makes us obsolete. These are worst case scenarios, which we don’t like to think about, much less prepare for! My mentor used to comment on some new plan of mine, “That is fine, but what is the worst case scenario?”

The Master Gardener is shaping our Soul-tree into a magnificent bonsai by cutting and trimming and tying and twisting, We cannot know the outcome, but what we can do is Be Ready for the worst case scenario.

A friend, a gifted, highly qualified scientist, is putting all her energies into getting a promotion because she is not paid in accordance with her talent. She has a strong expectation that she will succeed, which is excellent, but what if she doesn’t? What is the worst-case scenario?

Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. We are told to visualize and focus on what we want, but that is not enough. We must also be ready for the worst case scenario. We are being molded into beautiful bonsais, and the training may bring discomfort along the way. So, Be Happy, but also Be Ready!

What is your worst-case scenario?

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