“I’m so vulnerable. I have no self-confidence and I cry all the time for no reason.” Tears filled the eyes of the young woman with long brown hair and plastic-rimmed glasses hiding her child-like blue eyes. We were at a retreat in Marin County in Northern California, where we were exploring “Transparent Communication.”

This person wanted to know what to do so as not to feel so exposed in her vulnerability. Yet she was a psychotherapist and her ability to access her own emotions was an asset to her in working with her clients. However, she needed to protect herself from her feelings. She wanted to be able to switch off her vulnerability.

Tree sprout with watering can“Grow new leaves,” I said without thinking.

Having said that, I had to say what it meant, and then, equally without thought, I explained how our soul is like young tree, which, when we first become conscious of it, is a tender sprout. The first leaves it puts out are delicate and need protection, but as it grows it sprouts new and stronger leaves.

Eventually, the new leaves overshadow the original, tender leaves, and, although those old leaves still cling to the plant, they cannot weigh it down. My tender-hearted young friend gave me an inward-turned look which said, “I get it.”

Do you get it?
Have you been watering your Soul-tree with new learning, new experiences?
Are you stepping into scary, uncomfortable areas, or are you avoiding?

Personally, I find growing new leaves to be very challenging, since, basically, I am resisting the effort. How about you?

Do you need a push to get going? Do you need some gardening help? I would love to hear your experiences by e-mail at selfhealing101@yahoo.com or by phone at (510)-250-9109, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, 10am to 12pm, Pacific time.

With warmest wishes for a New Year full of new leaves!

Dorothy Seeger

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