We have had “Occupy Wall Street” and “Occupy Washington”, but we have never had “Occupy Yourself.” Instead, we are the ones who are occupied – by worries about money, relationships, children, work, and by the News. These worries are the terrorists who hold us hostage.

Occupy your heartWhat ransom can we pay to free ourselves?

When I was working as a social worker and bringing up four children, I was in a constant state of fear. I was a bundle of anxiety, experiencing enormous pressure all the time. The inner terror was so all-pervading that I didn’t even know that I was suffering. That was just life – hurry here, rush there, take care of this fire, put out that one, and never come home to myself. The terrorists were having a field day.

Then one day everything changed. I received initiation from a very powerful Master of the Energy world. He enabled me to meditate. If you are a scattered, attention deficit person like me, you can’t just sit in your room and start to meditate. You need to be grafted onto a Meditation Tree. Sri Dhyanyogiji was my Meditation Tree.

Through meditation I learned what it feels like to Occupy Myself. I would like to say that my life changed forever, but it didn’t. The terrorists continued to occupy my mind, but I had discovered a quiet pool in my heart where I could temporarily escape their clutches. I want you to find a place by that pool.

Temporary respite is not enough. Now I realize that we have to occupy ourselves all the time in our daily lives. The mental terrorists are defeated on the battleground of daily life. We don’t have to use bombs and guns. I call our battle weapons “Living from the Heart.” Our weapons are gentle, soft, kind and deeply aware.

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