Where are your bubbles?

seize the bubblesAs we go about our daily life, there are bubbles all around us, but do we see them? Do we experience their bubbleness? Or are we too rushed, too busy thinking, too occupied with our worries, our responsibilities, our have-nots to notice them?

Fleeting moments cross our path – a black crow waddles across the road, a purple rose in a neighbor’s front yard says, “Smell me,” a cat meditates quietly on a front step, his feet curled under him, so calm, so contented. They are all bubbles floating around us.

Bubbles reflect the colors of what is around them. If we see them through dark glasses, they appear brownish, colorless, not at all interesting or worthy of attention. But if we look through clear lenses, we see their shimmering beauty. Even the view from my back steps of the back doors and trash from the shops behind my building are full of bubbles if I care to look.

Don’t listen to news in the morning. That is putting on dark glasses. Buy a bottle of bubble-mix and blow your own bubbles. Take off the dark glasses and notice the precious treasures surrounding you. They are all temporary. Appreciate them while they are there.

Seeing the bubbles in life brings Happiness and Happiness is a key to Energy. If you want more energy, look for your bubbles!

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