Leaning Toward The Light



Yesterday at noon, as I was walking to Trader Joe’s to buy groceries, I noticed that the oxalis was blooming in the apartment buildings’ front gardens. Their bright yellow faces were standing straight up on their tender, green stalks. Later in the afternoon, when I was again walking down the street, I noticed that they had twisted their stalks around so that they were looking toward the west, where the sun was getting ready to set.

They appeared to be leaning toward the light of the sun.  It is well known that plants turn themselves to face the sun. Don’t animals and birds also seek the sun, migrating to sunnier climates in the winter, or just going to sleep when there isn’t enough light to keep them awake?

Life seeks Light.

We humans also have a natural affinity for Light. Are we not crowding beaches on sunny days and thronging parks to enjoy the warmth and light of the sun?

We are Life seeking Light.

We don’t have to look far to find it. Even if we feel besieged by darkness, we are blessed with an inner light, which is always available to us if we want to turn it on.  Our light- switch can turn our inner darkness to light in an instant. It only requires our Will to flip the switch and change our thoughts to things and people we love to connect with the healing energy of Light.

Leaning toward the Light with Love,



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