How Much Do Black Lives Matter?

Saturday night I went online and joined Black Lives Matter. It was the funeral of Rayshard Brooks, a young man with a wife and two children, shot by police, that was the trigger. I cried with them and then thought, I have to do something besides cry!

What is Love?

I have a friend who has a small, green parakeet, whose name is “M” for M & M’s because M and M’s are sweet. My friend has figured out exactly what “M” likes and has arranged her house accordingly.

Gratitude is the Key

It was a cool, spring day at the Albuquerque, NM zoo, a park-like zoo with enclosures for the animals as natural as can be achieved by human beings. The chimpanzees, however, were crowded together in a cave-like structure while their new home was being constructed.

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