Home is in the Heart

February 6, 2020
Oakland, CA
Cool with clouds

Since my last post, I have been singing “Morning Has Broken” every day, and truly, no matter what the time, it makes the sun rise for me. The singing doesn’t have to be perfect. It only needs to come from the heart. The saying should not be “Home is where the heart is”, but “The Heart is where Home is”.

For most of my life I have been circling around the heart, asking “Is it this? Is it this? Or is it that?’, never receiving an answer that satisfied. “Oh, it is this”, I said to myself as I plunged into the study of Ayurveda. I have received great benefit from Ayurveda, but my heart doesn’t sing with the sutras.

Even the exercises of Energy Healing were not “this”. Chi Gong was not “this”. Meditation, for me, is not “this”. Are not a great many of us circling around, looking for “this”, gleaning a little information here, a little insight there, but never quite landing in the Heart?

One evening I attended a lecture, part of a series given by a Sufi master, called “The Art of Loving”. The teacher was welcoming, and, instead of giving a lecture, he was asking us questions that encouraged us to look deep into ourselves. At the end, as he led the soft chanting called “zikr”, I felt a flame ignite in my heart. I knew this was what I had been seeking all along, the flame of Love, the Source of everything.

My wish for you is that you find this flame if you have not already found it. Keep practicing whatever you choose, but realize that “This” is something else and may come from an unexpected and unknown dimension.

With love,

Your friend, Dorothy

Visit the Facebook page of my mentor, Rahul Starr Patel.
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2 thoughts on “Home Is in the Heart”

  1. Hi Dorothy,

    I love what you said: The saying should not be “Home is where the heart is”, but “The Heart is where Home is”. It’s very touching!


    Bill McCart

  2. Thank you for sharing your awesome and unforgettable experience of the sacred fire within. What a grace! I’m so happy for you dear Dorothy and I pray that many more may discover and experience our true home.

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