Mc2 and Inner Space

Our cells are hungry for mc2, matter vibrating at the square of the speed of light. From birth until the end of life, we are searching for mc2 through food, drugs, yoga, meditation, sports, TV, knowledge, all feeding our endless hunger for more mc2.

Notice that, besides eating some delectable food, this child is soaking in the glow of the golden trees and breathing in the crisp, cool air of fall, all of which are increasing the vibration of matter in her body. Also notice that her body is soft and flexible. There are no stiff or knotted muscles anywhere. Mc2 can flow wherever it likes.

In places, our cells may be stuck together in a clump. Others may be hanging loose somewhere in the body. The pulling, stretching, bending of yoga break up the clumps and bring the flaccid cells together, creating open pathways in which mc2 can dance and play.

Mc2 is matter that has become immaterial. It moves. It is free. It needs space in which to flow; it needs InnerSpace. Yoga and meditation, breathing exercises, tai chi, singing and dancing help to create the InnerSpace for mc2 to flow.

When we engage in our practices – with awareness – we are creating a home for mc2 to live in.

Another word for mc2  is  JOY!

Always looking toward the Light,

Your friend, Dorothy

Recommended Reading: “Spontaneous Evolution” – Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman

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