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March 2018
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The Way we live opens windows….” – Hafiz

Find Your Unique Hook

“I believe that all of us are looking for a Way to live which opens the windows of our hearts and souls in this incompatible digital age. We want to find a Way which helps us knit the spiritual world and our physical lives together in a culture which doesn’t adequately support either one.” – Open Windows –  one year ago.

In the past year I have found that mental clarity is an essential part of this Way. and having a consistent Morning Routine is necessary to approach the rest of the day with clarity. I call my Morning Routine the “hook to hang my day on”.

 Your Hook is Unique

To me, the morning routine consists of those activities essential to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, which, unless we do them before anything else, are not going to be done at all during the day.

Each person’s hook is unique. What is it you want to do but never have time for? Put at least  a token in your morning routine. It will open the windows. The seed will grow.

Beyond physical cleansing, meditation and writing are absolutely essential for me. Your hook may include gardening, going to a gym, practicing a musical instrument, or experimenting with paints and brushes.

Be patient. It takes time to develop your morning routine.

Once we have decided what our morning routine should be, we need to commit to doing it consistently and in the same order every day to make it a habit. It takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit. DON’T DEVIATE! We may make short cuts if we lack time, but the essential elements must be there.

Good luck discovering your own, unique, morning routine.

Looking Up!


Recommended reading: James knows all about habits. Highly recommended.
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