What does “Discover Your Secret Treasures” mean? And what is a “Secret Treasure” anyway? When I was a child, I always thought of a Treasure as something a pirate had hidden where it could only be found with a Treasure Map. The great adventure of life was to find the map and set out on a journey to discover the Treasure Chest.


Now I realize each person has a golden Treasure Chest within, in a special, secret place, and the map to find it is available if you know where to look.

Discover Your Secret Treasures has a map called “Energy Keys,” and when we use this map, it will take us to the Treasures buried deep in our Souls. Those Treasures are ours. We are the pirates who have buried them and lost the map only to find it again when we have a burning desire to live our treasures.

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The Treasures are our joy, our happiness, our love for family, of nature, of art, our feeling of connection, and our assurance within ourselves that all is well and all needs are met, regardless of appearances. These are the gems within us which make life exciting, vibrant, joyful, and which light our way to a brighter, more expansive future.

Hello, everyone. My name is Dorothy Seeger. Some of you are old friends and some are newer acquaintances who may recognize me as the assistant to Rahul Patel, the inspiring Energy Healer. Others will recognize me as the Administrator of the Ayurvedic Institute’s correspondence course in Ayurveda, the science of self-healing. Still others may know me as a fellow meditator.

My aim in writing about the Energy Keys is to spread Rahul Patel’s practical Energy teachings throughout the world and at the same time to consolidate the meaning of my own experiences and how they relate to you, my dear readers. If my experiences and learning can help one person, I will be happy, but I will be much happier if they can help thousands!

I am 82 years old and, since the age of 12, I have fought for my healing from the debilitating effects of polio. I have been a teacher of Ayurveda (the East Indian Science of Life) for 25 years, and a meditator for 40 years. I have taught chi gong and am now a student of Kyudo (Japanese Zen archery). I am terrible at yoga, but love chi gong, and I can hit the target in Kyudo if I don’t drop the arrow. What I have learned is that you do not have to be an expert to experience the healing benefits of Energy Keys. I want to pass the healing I have discovered along to you.

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